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Parallel Lines

Our 3D print  and Manufacturing Facilities

Our 3D Print Farm:

  • Over 200 vat-photopolymerisation Ceramic and polymer 3D-printers with different build sizes and capacities.

  • Various FDM and FFF and Extrusion-based 3D printers for thermoplastic material, metal and ceramic composites, and carbon fiber-enhanced materials.


Our Manufacturing Facilities: 

  • 35 Ton, C-Clamp, semi-automatic Wax injection machine

  • Wax-tree assembly units

  • Robotic Ceramic shelling line

  • Vacuum chamber Ceramic impregnation unit

  • Various fully programmable electric burnout ovens

  • Various ceramic & metal sintering furnaces & a 1800C Microwave furnace

  • Various post-printing and curing furnaces and cleaning units

  • Various blasting, polishing, and finishing units

  • High shear, Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal, and magnetic mixing facilities for uniform and fully dispersed slurry and ink production 

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Other Manufacturing Capabilities Through Our Strategic Partners:​

  • Equiaxed, DS, and SX superalloy casting 

  • CNC, root grinding, STEM drilling, wire-cut, EDM, and metal fabrication

  • Wax and plastic injection toolmaking, machining and control fixtures, and gauges manufacturing

  • Computer simulation for the Injection moulding (Autodesk MoldFlow) and casting process (ESI Procast)

  • Complete design, reverse engineering, and CAD/CAM modeling


33 Shaftesbury Street South, Derby, DE23 8YH, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 133 2 318 318

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