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AM-COE runs the biggest ceramics 3D print farm in the world, with over 200x ceramics printers in-house in Derby, United Kingdom, working 24h a day and seven days a week. 

Larget Ceramic Print Farm in the World


We beat the COST and LEAD-TIME of injected ceramic cores


Size & Complexity matter no more!

We print intricate small ceramic cores for aero engines, as well as large and complex cores for industrial gas turbines, with no more need for expensive steel tools and months of lead time.

Our main range of material covers silica-based ceramic cores and shells for investment casting of superalloys for jet-engine and gas turbines, alumina cores for nuzzles, silica-alumina and silica-zirconia ceramic cores for DS and SX castings, and other ceramic cores for titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze casting.


Ceramic Cores for all processes & materials

We have made ceramic core 3D printing accessible and cost-efficient for all casting shops, and for all steps of production, from product/process development, to batch production and mass production.  We manufacture 3D printers and ceramic core material in-house, and we print, sinter, impregnate, measure, control, and package internally. We hold the total solution,  manage the whole chain, and hence offer the best price, fast lead time, and highest quality.  

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3D printers are CNC machines
Expect Dimensional accuracy 

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we design and 3D print internal channels, inside the ceramic cores, for the caustic solutions to leach the cores homogeneously and significantly faster than the conventional cores. Hollowed and honeycombed structures of the larger IGT cores can also reduce the risk of hot tear after casting and during the solidification process. 

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Much faster core leaching
& Less casting defects

Excellent dimensional accuracy of green cores, down to a few microns, and process reliability and repeatability are guaranteed by the 3D printing process.

Excellent Mechanical Properties

we have five different types of silica-based ceramic core materials and formulations for different applications and with unique mechanical properties. Our formulations contain different content of alumina and zircon, designed for excellent room and high-temperature flexural strength, creep resistance, and dimensional stability at 1200C and 1500C. The content of cristobalite in green and sintered cores is fully established, the apparent density and porosity of the cores are constancy monitored, and flexural bars are sintered and MOR is measured for all sintering cycles, to let us deliver the product quality and reliability that we are most proud of. 

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