Our Ceramic 3D print Farm

With over 150 Ceramics 3D printers, we have the biggest ceramics printing farm in the country, bespoke for mass production, cost-effective, and complex ceramic components used in aerospace, energy, and chemical industries

We have a wide range of build sizes for our ceramics printers from 10mmx 10mm to 35mm x 49mm, which enables us to print all sorts of industrial-sized ceramic components with different sizes, geometric complexities, and dimensional accuracy.

Our resin and composit 3D print Farm

We have over 100 resin printers capable of printing all range of polymers, as well as polymer-matrix composites of ceramic, metal, fiber, magnet, and others. We design, test, and manufacture all our materials, resins, composites, and ceramics in-house, thanks to our strong team of material scientists, our fully equipped material characterisation lab, strong collaborations with monomer and additive suppliers, and our in-house mixing capabilities.