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Complete print-to-plant solutions


We mix, 3D print, debinde, sinter, and impregnate most types of ceramics and composite mixtures, but our main focus is on silica, zircon, mullite, alumina, quartz, and other high-temperature ceramics. Our post sintering operations include surface treatment, polishing & cleaning, finishing, NDT, 3D scanning & CMM, packaging, and shipment.


3D print for Investment Casting

We 3D print intrinsic and complex ceramic cores for equiaxed, DS, and SX superalloy casting all at commercial specs, quality, and most importantly at a competitive price. We design leaching channels in your ceramic cores for an accelerated core leaching process.

Our PremiumCast and CastingExcellence are two resin resin ranges designed for 3D printing wax patterns for the investment casting and shell casting. Many casting shops currently use our resin or our 3D printing services for components needed in aerospace, industrial gas turbines, engineering components, and art casting. Our resin material offer prints with the highest dimensional stability, the most competitive price, developments in days/weeks, no more need for expensive and timely injection molds and setters, no geometric restrictions, no shelf-life and storage difficulties, and in most cases we can print the entire wax cluster, at once!

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3D printed casting filters are one of our main production at AM-COE. Our filters are designed by casting experts for reliability, repeatability, highest flow with maximum filtering, and significantly higher strength than existing foam filters. 

Casting Filters

Injection Moulds

Complex wax and plastic injection moulds, machining fixtures, and control gauges in a few days, more cost-effective than any machine shop and toolmaker you may know!  We not only 3D print your injection moulds for you, but also offer full computer simulation of your injection process, volumetric shrinkage and warpage, miss-runs, cold-runs, and other defects, optimisation of the injection processes, etc. We can also inject samples to verify your mould before its delivery.  


Soft and Natural Magnet 3D printing

One of our new and very exciting projects aims to develop a vat-photopolymerisation  ink and print process to 3D print soft magnets is over 50vol% solid loading of Ferro Silicon Powder in a high-temperature and durable resin matrix to be used as complex-shaped magnets needed for more efficient electromotors and heat exchangers. To take this challenge a step further, we are also researching the 3D print of natural agents (NdFeB) in complex geometries and a scalable process.

High-temp & high-tensile polymer and ceramic composite

Samples, prototypes, small batches, or large quantities; we outcompete injection-moulding in all aspects. We can print geometries never possible with other methods before, and we offer high tensile (UTS>200 MPs) as well as high-temperature (HDT ~300C) thermoset materials.

 Our Ceramic-polymer composites are excellent solutions for wear-resistant applications. We offer metal-polymer composites and conductive polymers for electrical, electronics, and sensor applications. Contact us for bespoke composite design and 3D printing.

We manage the whole cycle, from Material development to the design of the 3D printers


Impactful Research and Innovation created this centre and is  the lifeblood to our Organisation

We Integrate with your supply chain and value stream

33 Shaftesbury Street South, Derby, DE23 8YH, United Kingdom

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