Our castable resing and casting patter 3D printing

Our castable resin and its 3D print process for the aerospace application provide you with a wax-like casting pattern with dimensional accuracy and stability never been possible before, and processability in autoclave and firing furnaces. You need no change in your casting process, as we have thought of everything for you! print, assemble, shell, fire, and cast, as usual.
No ash content, no shell damage, and no setter and adjustment is promised. Save time and cost of wax injection moulding.

Our castable resin is like no others. It is designed for engineering parts for automotive, aerospace, and gas turbine components. It prints to micron accuracy and leaves no wax/PEG bleeding or sweating  after printing. It assembles to the traditional wax trees, using conventional red wax and glue, for the ease of production and for business-as-usual manufacturing.