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Where art and science meet

Bring your idea to life

We offer scalable and customised 3D printing services, and a wide range of materials to the artists, providing them with a faster and more creative means of producing their artifacts. 

We 3D scan, design, and create your 3D model, ready for printing, or help you modify your own 3D model. 


We offer a direct print of your artifact in any scale, complexity, and finished look, or casting pattern for metal casting, a negative mould for plaster casting.

Creative Material for Creative Industry 

We have designed a wide range of new materials with different characteristics, textures, surface finishes, print resolutions, transparency, etc. to offer a complete solution to artists and creators.

our ceramic slurry resin gives you a stone finish look, while other fiber composites offer a texturized finish.

Tell us what material and finish you like and we bring it to life. Resin development is our expertise.

Statue holding ears closed

Listen to your Ideas
leave Complexity, Scale, and Material to us

We love the challenge, whether it is enormous scale, complex geometry, or challenging material, we are there for your project.

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