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About Us


33 Shaftesbury Street South, Derby, DE23 8YH, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 133 2 318 318

AM Centre of Excellence aims to elevate the use of vat-photopolymerisation 3D printing in high-value-manufacturing industries, where complex geometries, advanced material, sustainability and durability, design & performance, and concept-to-production cycle-time are the industry drives and enablers.  

AM-COE enjoys both high-end research facilities as well as manufacturing capabilities, with a preliminary focus on material design for vat photopolymerisaton 3D-printing used in prototyping and mass-manufacturing of the casting patterns and ceramic cores, used in the industrial gas turbines and jet engines, as well as other high-temperature ceramics and technical polymers for the aerospace, energy, automotive, and oil&gas sectors. 

AM-COE in collaborations with 10 dimensions has designed and manufactured commercial DLP ceramic and metal 3D printers in different sizes and in both top-down and bottom-up technologies to cover a wide variety of loaded inks for different applications. Our price strategy is to make these printers available to mainstream manufacturing. Here at AM-COE, we offer our clients a complete solution, from 3D printers to ink and material development, from pre-printing to post-printing optimisation, and from development projects to mass manufacturing set ups.

AM Centre of Excellence is strategically located in Derby, close to Rolls Royce and Bombardier facilities and other clients and suppliers, and within three hours distance to all major cities, manufacturing centres, and airports in England.

We aim to initiate new links and maintain our existing partnership and collaboration with the main Universities and research centres in the Midland, including Loughborough University, University of Nottingham, Derby University, Nottingham Trent University, Sheffield University, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), and Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), to conduct industry-led joint-research programmes.

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